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Save on long-term monthly rentals with zoom car rental Dhaka

Book monthly car rentals from trusted brands across Bangladesh. Experience the convenience and cheap prices of a long-term car rental.

Zoom long-term rentals have the following benefits:

Great prices: The longer you rent, the more you save. If you’re looking for a cheap car rental option, you can enjoy greater savings and flexibility.

Flexible contracts: No need to get stuck in a lease, just one month to call the car.

One-way car rental: Plan long trips across the country and choose from a variety of pick-up locations.

Vehicle exchange: If you need to exchange your vehicle for any reason, please contact the rental location where you picked up the vehicle and arrange a vehicle exchange.

Book now and save on renting for a month or more.

 Long-term rental issues

We get a lot of questions about long-term rentals. Here are your answers:

• Can you rent a car on a monthly basis?

o Yes, you can get one-month rental car! Keep in mind that long-term rental and its monthly renewal will change the prices.

• Can you hire a vehicle for 3 months?

o Yes, you can certainly rent a car for 3 months. The longer you borrow, the more you save!

• Can you hire a vehivle for 6 months?

o Monthly Rentals have many advantages. Zoom car rental offers long-term car rentals for 6 months or more. Let us know the time period and see how much you can use.

• Can you rent a car for 1 year?

o Although we do not offer car rentals for more than a year, you can always rent a car for up to 11 months at a time!

• How much does it cost to rent a vehicle per month?

o It depends on the longer you rent a car, the more you rent the more you save. Why not give us a call (+ 88 01711306557) to get a quote and decide if you want to make a reservation or book online and save on car hire by paying online?

• Where can I cheaply rent a car for a month?

o Long-term car rentals are available at most Zoom Car Rentals locations. If you want to explore popular destinations near you, you can check out the localization section. Otherwise, you can search for car rental locations in your area and find them at your local store.