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Dhaka Tour in Bangladesh

Dhaka Tour in Bangladesh:

In Dhaka city you can carry out your tour and enjoy the beauty of adjacent areas of Dhaka. Discover amazing beauty of Bangladesh with the Zoom Rent A Car in Dhaka. During day trip in Dhaka you can tour Dhaka city and adjacent Dhaka. In a Dhaka trip you can make your tour in the following areas:

  1. Lalbag Fort
  2. Dhakeshwari Temple
  3. Khan Mohammad Mridha’s Mosque
  4. American Church
  5. Star Mosque (Tara Masjid)
  6. Ahsan Monzil
  7. Sadarghat Piver port at Dhaka
  8. National Parliament Building (Sangsad Bhaban)
  9. Liberation War Museum

Lalbag Fort in Dhaka:

lalbag fort_zoom rent a car Dhaka

This is one of the famous ancient tourist spot in Dhaka. This is incomplete fort in the 17thy century. It was started by prince Md. Azam and he handed over it to the governor of Dhaka Shaista Khan for finish the work. He also could not finish the work because the death of daughter Pari Bibi. The tomb of Pari Bibi is inside the fort. There is small museum. In the fort compound there is lake where people can walk. There is a nice mosque in the fort. There is also a big field where a traveler a move and enjoy the beauty of Lalbag fort.

Temple Dhakeshwari:

temple_zoom rent a car

Hindu temple is situated in old Dhaka. It is near Azimpur. This is 1200 years old hindu temple. The People think the name of Dhaka came from Dhakeshwari. This is the central point hindu religion in Dhaka.

Mosque of Khan Md. Mridha’s:

This is the Mughal stracture like as Lalbag Fort. This is one of the popular tourist spot in Dhaka. Its natural beauty attracts the tourist.

Armenian Church in Dhaka:

The church is located in Armanitola at Old Dhaka. This the stracture of 17th centuey. The name came from Armenian colony.

Tara Mosque (Star Masjid):

This is one of the popular tourist attractions in Dhaka. This is the stracture of 18th centure. It was built in orginal Mughal style. Every day a lot of tourinst visit this stracture and femilier with the 18th centuries Mughal stracture.

Ahsan Manzil:

ahsan monjil_zoom rent a car

This is also situated in old Dhaka. The river port sadarghat is very close to the stricture. Ahsan Manjil was build in 1872. The stracture was built by Nawab Abdul Gani. Once it was damaged by tornado. Then it was build again. The beauty of the stractire attract the tourist. Every day huge number of tourist visit this place.

Sadarghat River port:

This is the largest river port in Bangladesh. Every day 30,000 people use this port for passing. If you visit this palce you will get the natural taste in Dhaka. This is the chaotic place. The port is the main hub point of southern part of Bangladsh.

National Parliament Building:

national parliament building Dhaka

Louis I. Khan was the architechure of the building. The beauty and construction style of the building attract the tourinst. The construction was started in 1964 and completed in 1982 finallu. This onle of the finest architecture in Bangladesh.

Liberation War Museum in Dhaka:

This is the place where you can visit with your family in a day. This is the great place to visit in Dhaka. If you can visit the place you can understand the liberation war in 1971 and can see a lot of historial things which was used during the independent war in 1971.

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