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Sadarghat: The biggest river port of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Sadarghat: The biggest river port of Dhaka, Bangladesh

The port is located in the southern corner of Dhaka, Bangladesh in the buriganga river. The port is very dynamic and chaotic place in Dhaka. The sadarghat also a biggest launch terminal in the world. In every day tentative 200 launches big and small arrive and depart from this terminal. Tentatively 30,000 people use this terminal everyday for departure and arrival. If you visit this port, you may not find such a caotic port in the world.

sadarghat Dhaka
          Launch at Sadarghat Terminal Dhaka

Launch at Sadarghat Terminal in Dhaka

Launch is like a boat. People use it for travelling purpose. People go one place to another by launch. The launch is a bigger than boat with engine. From Dhaka launce goes most of the districts in Bangladesh where launch terminal is available. If you visit sadarghat you will see different kinds of launch e.g. double-decked and triple decked which are very luxurious for travelling Bangladesh. If you travel by launch which is cheaper than any other transport in Bangladesh.

   Sadarghat Launch Terminal Dhaka, Bangladesh

Sadarghat Launch Terminal in Dhaka, Bangladesh

A running chaotic place, place of beggars, vendors, porters and place of noise. Last many years the port is playing role as a main hub point of Dhaka. The terminal open 24 hours. People move here 24/7/365.

When a launch and ferry arrived in the terminal the place brcome more chaotic. Hawkers move around to sell their products, street children move around to find help from others.

If you visit sadarghat you will get a chance to get into the launches and see the interior scenario. Without going outside Dhaka to can not travel in Launch. In saderghat you can find boat for boating in the river.  If you hire a boat in Sadarghat you can move around old Dhaka and see the scenario which you could not find in Dhaka. In sadarghat you can conduct river cruise by which you can enjoy most.

Day by day foreign trvellers in increasing Bangladesh and they are very much enthuistic for boating so, now a days the boat and boatman are very much organized. Now boatman knows what a travelers whant from him. You will find English speaking boatman for boating. They are very much professional.

In saderghat you can see a luxurious launches, boats and steamers. These are the commercial transport. By these boat you can travel southers part of Bangladesh e.g. Khulna, Barisal, Potuakhali and many more.

You will be charmed a see the huge number of launches in the sadarghat terminal. You can entered into the dock by small charges.

The chaotic sadarhat terminal is not appropriate for foreing travelers. But gradually the situation is changing. Zoom rent a car in Dhaka is operating day trip for the foreign travelers in sadadarght. If you communicate with zoom rent a car we will arrange for you a amazing trip in sadarghat Dhaka. If you once visit sadarghat terminal you never forget in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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