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Tour Bangladesh

Tour Bangladesh

In Bangladesh there is a number of tourist spot which attract the tourists to visit Bangladesh. Among the tourist spots few famous tourist spots are as below, where you can visit and enjoy the natural beauty of Bangladesh.

The Sangsad Bhaban (Parliament House)

The sangsad bhaban (parliament house) at sher-a –bangla nagar in Dhaka is a wonder of modern architecture and technology. It is one of the largest spectacular parliament buildings in the world. Originally designed by the famous American architect Louis I khan, this 155ft high 9-story buildings is surrounded by an artificial lake called the crescent lake. The main section is hidden a strong outer behind a strong outer covering with circular and triangular openings. The structure has 1605 doors, 335 windows, 365 ventilators and corridors totaling to a bewildering length of 41.6 kilometers. But for the help of a guide. One could easily get lost in these deceptive corridors. The house has 354 seats for MPs. 56 for guests, 40 for journalists and 430 for spectators. It has also three party rooms each of which can seat 153 people .the whole place is air conditioned and includes all modern amenities. Although construction work on this structure started in 1964,it was finally inaugurated in 1982 and the first parliamentary session was held on 15 February the same year. Being a highly complex structure, its annual maintenance cost is about 50 million taka. This if truly a wonder for a poor country like Bangladesh.

The Jamuna Multi- Purpose Bridge

The jamuna multi- purpose bridge over the mighty river jamuna in Bangladesh is a triumph of modern engineering and technology skills. 4.8 kilometers long  and 18.5 meters wide, this bridge which connects the district of tangail and sirajganuj is the longest ever in Bangladesh and  the eleventh largest in whole of the world. The main bridge was constructed by the Hyundai construction company of South Korea .About 15,000 people worked for four years to build this gigantic bridge. The bridge is connected with a 15.3 kilometers, approach road on the east and another of 14.4 kilometers on the west. It has 50 pillars and 49 spans. Each of its 121 piles has an average depth of 83 meters to guarantee its strength and durability. The total cost of this huge structure was more than seven hundred million US dollars  which come jointly rom the Bangladesh government , the world bank , the Asian development and Japan. Apart from railway communication, this multipurpose bridge wills also facilities gas, electricity and telecommunication lines between the two parts of the country.

Shaheed Minar

Hamidur rahman was the man who gave shape to the concept and design of the shaheed minar by combining all the aspiration of Bengali identity and nationalism. He was the first art student of Bangladesh who in the 1950s went to Europe and studied at Ecole de Beaux Art in Paris. He is the Pioneer of the new painting movement in the then Pakistan. But he is most remembered for his remarkable design of the central shaheed minar.

When Hamidur rahman was assigned to make the design, he was full of enthusiasm focusing on the language movement as the central concept. He wanted to find a new expressing to convey the aspiration of the people. He experimented with basic horizontal and vertical line of his design provided the manifestations of inner strength. The four columns on both sides of the central structure reflect the balance and harmony of a united stand.

The original design had included stained glass with hundreds of eyes through the sunlight could pass. The marble floor was to reflect the moving shadows of the column in an unending process of revolt from dawn to dusk. In the basement of the minar he had designed a grand fresco work of 1500 square feet, depicting the language movement . This was to be his masterpiece, again reflecting the theme of geometry horizontal and vertical motif of unity and strength.

Rahman was fully conscious of the tropical damp of Bangladesh and therefore worked out such materials for the minar that withstand the climate. He ensured that the columns be made of such mixture of iron and cement as to stand for centures. Today the shaheed minar is a symbol of freedom, strength and unity.

In 1989, hamidur rahman passed away. He is no more with us but we remember him with great admiration and prude.

 World heritage sites

Though a small country, Bangladesh has three world heritage sites- the historical shatgombuj mosque at bagerhat, the ruins of the Budhist vihare at paharpur and the sundarbans.

The shatgombuj mosque is a 15th century Islamic situated in the suburbs of Bagerhat, on the edge of the sundarbans, some 175 kilometer south-west of Dhaka. It is an enormous moghul architectural site covering a very area. The mosque is unique in that it has sixty pillars, which supports seventy seven exquisitely curved domes that have worn away with the passage of time. The mausoleum of the city’s founder khan jahan ali can be found nearby. With the declaration of the mosque as a world heritage site, it is hoped that this beautiful monument will be preserved from the further decay.

the Budhist vihare at paharpur, 200 kilometers northwest of Dhaka was founded in the 7th century . it is the largest single Buddhist monastery in the Indian subcontinent and is also known as the somapur mahavira, the great monastery.It was a renowed intellectual center from the 7th century until the 17th century. Its layout is perfectly adapted to its religious function.This monaster city represents a unique artists achievement which has influenced Buddhist arcgoecture as far away as Cambodia. It was declared a world heritage site in 1985 as the 9th session of the 21 member international committee.

All these tourist location attract the tourist to visit Bangladesh and discover the beauty of Bangladesh. If you communicate with us Zoom rent a car in Bangladesh will smoothly operate your tour across Bangladesh. (N)

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