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Tourism in Bangladesh

Tourism in Bangladesh 

Tourism in Bangladesh is growing rapidly now a days in Bangladesh. Bangladesh tourism sector are trying to cope with the other tourism developed country. Travel is a natural hobby of human. Man travels from hills to wood, jungle to sea, North Pole to South Pole, from Niagara Falls to Everest picks for his hobby. Not only in his own country, he travels from one end to other end of this world for his travelling thirst. Green scenery, hills and mountain, historical places, famous man or great man’s grave memorial-everything attract the travel thirsty people forever. And for this attraction the travelers increase day by day in this world.

There are many historical visiting places in Bangladesh if you compare. Bangladesh is an ideal place for the tourism. The charming scenery of Bangladesh, longest sea beach in the world, forest land, different six seasons, Hilly tract surrounded by green forest, historical places etc attract the home and abroad travelers from the ancient age. Great historian and travelers Ibn E BatutaIbn KhaldunHieun TsangVasco Da Gama have visited our country and praise us. So we should visit our own country before visiting others and should know and see our visiting places. Zoom tours and travels will help you in this regards.

Easy program for travelling

Bengali loves travel. So travel with a team or family is a habit as like as eating fish and rice. We have no big businesses, have no tall building, have no fine arranged home like picture, but we have happiness, have a good travel mind. We live happily in thousands of needs. Our mind wants rest after living in sorrow or needs throughout the year; we want flew away from this busy life for pace or for change. But is it possible if we want to run away? But it is not possible for everybody. Because it will be needed money for going to travel, plan, vacation, above all destination. Besides it has to need some additional information such as how many days before or how will be your plan. What will you have to need? How will you pack that?

Travel with two or three family is very pleasant. If you want to travel with car or bus, you can share the costs with two or three person than it will not be burden for you. Or you can go with your friends.

Are you willing to travel? Then you can start planning from today. At first you should decide where should you go? How many days will you stay? How much company with you? After making a decision come to us for booking a tours plan for every long or short journey.

But if you want to travel near then doesn’t worry come to us at once. Booking that means you can tell us your plan and Zoom Rent A Car will help you. Our office is in Dhaka city. Just make a call and tell us where you want to travel.

Necessary things –which you should take with you:

When you started to think for travel, at first you think about the necessary things put in your bag. If you want to only for travel then make a decision how long your journey will be last. Then you can make ready your bags. If you want to travel with your wife, 2 children then try to put everything in a big bag and with a side bag. Don’t worry how will it be fixed we are discussing here.

If your travel is for ten days with four members in total then take a twenty inch suitcase and a standard size side bag. If you have one prior to your home then it is helpful otherwise you can buy one.

What thing you should have taken with you:

2/3 plastic bottle water with water purification tablet.

The women who wear sharee, she should take synthetic sharee with her. You can also take silk. If you take the sharees with closest color match then the blouse and peticot will be reduced. But if you want to travel much it will be wise to take salwar and comise.

Don’t take gold ornaments but you can take ear ornaments and necklace with matching your wear.

It will be better if you take boot. But it will be good to take a sleeper with everyone. For travelling you should tale Cades and slipper with you. When you go to sea shore you should go with slipper.

Don’t forget to get 15/20 polythin bags with you. It will help you prevent to through the wastes here and there and will not mixed the clean dress with dirty dress. If you can you can take sleeping bag with you.

Want worm dress when you visiting the hilly area. At the winter the hilly area becomes cold. Don’t forget to take shocks with you. You may feel pain if you don’t wear shocks into your cades, especially who has no practice to wear shoe.

If you don’t want full bedding, you can take only a bed sheet and pillows (if you can).

It is necessary to take much dress for children. Take wash and wear dresses for children.

Jeans is the fittest and ideal for the men at the travelling period.

You can find many small bags with chain system. Boys can take savings materials, nail cutter, comb, brush and some other small things in their small pouch.

A good camera for taking photo.

A good binocular.

A roll of petticoat tape, don’t forget to take safety pin too.

Take needle, thread, scissors, pen knife in a plastic bag. Some button, hock too.

An umbrella can help you in the bad weather.

Mosquito coil, wax, torch, battery, cream of mosquito will be needed too.

Take sufficient medicine such as antiseptic cream, saline, Paracitamol, antacid, some torn cloth, burn cream and pain killer spray or tablet.

Pen, paper and pencil.

Shirt should be synthetic.

If you want to go jungle you should take carbolic acid with you. It will stay away you from snake.

And yes, you must take some additional money beyond your budget.  There is no possibility to expenses according to your budget.  Now a day’s ATM booth has increased everywhere though you should take some additional money with you. Don’t keep the all money with you. You can share it with your family member.

Now the preparation is finished. Let’s see where we can go for a tour.

The special places for tourism in Bangladesh

You can see many places for taking a trip in our capital city Dhaka. Besides, there are many places to visit throughout Bangladesh. Those are given bellow.

Two leaves and a bud’s place Sylhet.

The most The most ancient archaeological sites Mahasthangarh.

The great king Land Lord house at Susang Durgapur in Netrakona.

The Joyage Gandhi Asron in Noakhali.

The Mujibnagar Memorial Monument.

Buddhist of Paharpur

Ruins of the Buddhist Vihara at Paharpur

Trishal of Nazrul

Polli Kobi Jasimuddin house in Faridpur

Historic Shat Gombuj Mosque (Sixty Tomb Mosque) at Bagerhat

Jungle of Madhupur

Sagordari of Madhusudan

Rangamati races cultural institute, museum.

Varendra museum Rajshahi

The capital city of Maharaja Pratapaditya of Satkhira

Buddhist archaeological sites of Comilla Mainamati

Kushtia Lalon shah mazar

The house of Mir Mosharraf Hossain –the writer of Bishad Sindhu.

Natural beauty of Kaptai Lake, Rangamati .

Chittagong War Cemetery of World War II

Shrine of Bayazid Bostami at Chittagong

Bader Maqams or the shrines of Badr Al-Din-Auliya at Chittagong

Chandranath mondir of sitakundo

One of the most magnificent religious edifices Kantajeu Temple at Dinajpur.

Bikrampur Buddhist Vihara from the footprint of Atish Dipankar’s travel.

Tagore’s house in Shelaidaha

Shilaidaha Kuthi Bari

The longest sea beach of Cox’s Bazaar

The Sundarban forest of royal Bengal tiger

Mazar of Hazrat Shah Jalal in Sylhet, Shah Paran.

Temple of Sri Chaitanya Dev

Ramparts of the Mahasthangarh citadel of Bogra

panoramic sea beach Kuakata

Baldha Garden Dhaka

Foy’s Lake

The tourism resort of Bangladesh:

Biju Celebration Khagrachhari

There are 18 tourism area according to Bangladesh Tourism Corporation which sis 1,43,998 sq K.M. The tourism spot are:

Cox’s Bazar  Bandarban  Rangamati   Kaptai   Patenga   Tamabil   Jaflong   Sundarban   Sonargaon   Mainamati  Mahasthangarh Kuakata  Foy’s Lake Shilaidaha  Kuthi Bari  Faujdarhat.

List of Museum of Bangladesh

  1. Ahsan Manzil  2. Bangladesh National Museum 3. Birshreshtha Munshi Abdur Rouf Library and Museum4. Ethnological Museum of Chittagong 5. Fish Museum & Biodiversity Center 6. Jiraz Art Gallery 7. Liberation War Museum 8. Museum of Rajshahi 9. Mymensingh Museum 10. National Art Gallery (Bangladesh) 11. Natore Rajbari 12.Osmany Museum 13. Philatelic Museum 14. Tajhat Palace 15. Varendra Research Museum 16. Zainul Abedin Museum

A list of mouth watering foods from different District:

House hold works

Dinajpur——-Chira, Thin rice.

Bogra——— yoghurt


Rajshahi——Rosokodom, Mango, Lychee, Kool, water lemon, beetle leaves, Papaya.

Nator——– -Kancha Gollah

Mukta Gasha—Sweet(Monda)

Tangail——–Sweet(Chom Chom) of Porabari

Comilla——–Rasho Malai, Para

Savar———-sweet (Rosogollah), chana Mukhi,

Cox’s Bazar —Rup Chanda fish, Sea Fish

Kuakata——–Sea fish

Kaliakoir——-Dhoniar Chira

Brahmanbaria——–Sweet, Matha (Ghol)

Manik Gonj————Date Gurh

Chandpur————-Hilsha fish

Voirab——————Sagore Banana, fish

Gofor gaon———–Bringal

Chatok——– Orange, Pineapple


Modhupur—— Pineapple, jack fruit

Srimongol—— Pineapple

Dhaka———— Bakor Khani, Briani of Haji

Satkhira——— Sondesh

Sousong Durgapur—Shoal fish

Jhalkathi——— Coconut, Guava

Sylhet———– Tea leaf, beetle leaf

Chittagong—— Dried fish

Faridpur———Patali Gurh

Barishal———Balam Rice



Khulna———Golda fish


Agricultural works

Birds of Bangladesh

Pohela Boishakh

Grameen Daily Works