General Terms for monthly car rental (Private Car/Micro Bus)

  • The duty of the will be six days in a week. Driver and Car will be day off one day in a week.
  • After the duty time vehicle will be kept in our place (Here negotiation is possible)
  • The duty time would be 10 hours a day. After 10 hours the driver’s overtime would be BDT 50 per hour. Need not to pay any overtime for vehicle.
  • Per day BDT 100 for driver’s lunch. If the duty goes after 8:00PM another BDT 100 will have to pay for dinner.
  • Government holiday will be treated as off day.
  • Car will not go on the road under no circumstances of Hartals/Road block or any other similar situation
  • If the vehicle run for duty in off days, daily rent will be applicable for those days.
  • The fuel cost (CNG) will have to be borne by the clients. Except CNG client need to provide 20 liters octane for the car per month, as the car start by octane and maintenance.
  • Rent a each month will have to be paid in the 1 day of Month.