Rent A Car : River cruise near Dhaka

Duration of tour: 1 day

Travel plan

Exclusive River Cruise near Dhaka – Enjoy the beauty of the river in Bangladesh.

Your guide/driver will pick you up at 7am at your designated location and will drive to Demra ghat where boat will be waiting for you. The boat ride to the Shitalakhya River takes 45 minutes.

Immediately after boarding, the boat will start cruising the river with refreshments. The river and its banks are full of activities to keep you busy and fully satisfy your photography interests. You will be happy to see steamboats carrying vegetables, seasonal fruits and more. You will see fishing using different types of nets and traps. At the same time, you will enjoy the livelihood of the people who live by the river. You shouldn’t mention all the possible scenarios you can see so you can discover them yourself and have fun.

After 45 minutes the boat will stop at a place called Murapara. You will then continue your journey up until lunch is ready.

On the way back around 15:30 you will reach the famous village of Ruposhi where you will visit Jamdani weaving. Around 4:30 pm you will return to Demra Ghat to return to Dhaka. You will arrive in Dhaka at 5:30 pm.