S M Sultan: legendary artist in Bangladesh


S M Sultan was born in 1923 at Narail District in Bangladesh. He is known as Lal Mia. Profession of his father was Mason. In the sub contenent he was considered famous artist. He is the proud of Bangladesh. During his life time people do not know him very well. After his death he was famous for his art work. His art was shown in the different countries in the wirls anf got prize. S.M. Sultan Museum was establish in the side of river Chitra in 20106.

His art work is displayed in the Museum. There are few things  e.g Quran, Few Cloths, Paint Brush, Musical Instruments, photos are also displayed in the Museum.

His style was very much enthuistic. His painting work doscover the following things:

a. People and village

b. The Sky

c. Fields

d. River Banks

e. Clouds

f. Shelter at Cottage

Everyday huge number of people come to the Museum and discover the artwork of the airtist. Seven days in a week the Museum is open for all free of cost.

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